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Hi, I'm Kele - the human behind grey house designs.

I specialize in brand styling - creating a strong, unique visual style for your business to help you stand out. My designs are clean, content oriented, modern, & minimalistic.

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A Rooted Kitchen

is a web community, focused on vegan lifestyles.


In mid-2015, a website called Vegan Foodies decided to rebrand and relaunch under a new name – A Rooted Kitchen. With an existing following, including a huge community on Pinterest, it was important to reposition the brand in a way that would feel authentic to fans while being more welcoming to new readers.

A Rooted Kitchen believes that the kitchen is the foundation – the root – of every home. Sharing meals with loved ones is an integral part of nearly every culture in the world, and the habits people learn in the kitchen from a young age often shape their lifelong diets.

I decided that take the ‘root’ theme a step further for the logo design, settling on the humble turnip as a mark. Stylized with a watercolor effect, it’s the beginning of a rich palette rich purples, vibrant greens, and crisp white. For the font, I chose a simple script style that evokes handwritten recipes and feels friendly and approachable.

The website is mainly focused on recipes, peppered with tips and tricks about following a plant based diet and helping people overcome their fears about cooking. To highlight the delicious dishes, I went with a very simple layout anchored with large bold images. The site is build on the WordPress platform, so it is very easy to update and maintain, should their team expand in the future for multiple content creators. A Rooted Kitchen is very active on social media, so a widgetized sidebar offers several options to share and connect across various platforms.

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